How To Lose That Quarantine Weight

How To Lose That Quarantine Weight

How to lose that quarantine weight

So many people are wondering how to lose that quarantine weight. Like us, we are sure you have heard the common expressions regarding quarantine weight gain, like COVID Curves, Lockdown Weight, or Quarantine-15.


Unfortunately, the pandemic has created a perfect storm for weight gain. Our lives have been negatively impacted in many ways that contributed to gaining weight over the past few months. Studies have shown that 47% of women and 22% of men have gained weight due to COVID restrictions. 


The Culprits To Quarantine Weight Gain

In a poll taken of WebMD readers, 59% blamed their quarantine weight gain on a lack of exercise and an increase in stress eating, while 21% blamed it on drinking more alcohol. We can see why. Look at the statewide restrictions, closures, and limitations of gyms, beaches, and parks. Even the stress of losing your job or suddenly being isolated by yourself can cause cravings for comfort foods, and alcohol. Furthermore, physical and medical checkups have been postponed, which can typically get you in the mindset of healthier living. All of these are culprits to quarantine weight gain, so what are we do to?


While there are plenty of reasons for gaining weight, there are also plenty of solutions to help lose that quarantine weight, and we are going to share with you some musts to help combat those unwanted COVID curves. 


  • Create routines and stick to them
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Workout alternatives
  • Relieve stress


Still, Get Ready For Work

Just because many of us can roll out of bed and go to work in our dining room doesn't mean it is the healthiest option. Instead create a routine, like setting aside a few times a week, where you get ready and dressed for work—if you dress like a bum, in your PJs, and or sweatpants every day, it's easier to feel less motivated, plus these clothes also hide any quarantine weight gain.  


Speaking of routines and dining rooms, this leads us to our next set of tips, see them below. 

 work from home set up

Adjust Your Office Setup

Because a lot are working from their homes, your office might be the biggest table in the house, the dining room. People, get away from the kitchen. If you are near food, you will find yourself opening cabinets and the fridge more often. Set up another place in your home as far away from the kitchen and dining room as possible. If need be purchase a small desk.


Plan Your Meals

To avoid buying excess food, think of how you will use what you are going to purchase. Focus on purchasing nourishing foods that are low in sodium, so this means avoiding pre-packed goods. And when it comes to fruits and vegetables, buy a combination of frozen and fresh, so nothing goes to waste. And do not forget lean protein, like chicken, fish, egg whites, beans, and foods rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. 


Create A Shopping List And Stick To It

Leaving home, especially during this pandemic, can be overwhelming, with remembering your mask and hand-sanitizer, we forget to make a shopping list. Creating a shopping list is an essential routine; not only will it help you spend less time out in public, but it also illuminates impulsive junk food buys. Stick to your list and nothing else.  

 plan your meals

Create A Healthy Diet

Calories in and calories out are essential. However, do not confuse the word diet with dieting. Instead, imagine a healthier life focused on knowledge, nutrition, and with the right mindset.


When we focus on the word dieting, it is restrictive and short-lived, with an outcome based on weight loss. However, when it comes to eating healthy, think of a lifestyle choice, choosing high-quality foods that can nourish the body, mind, and soul; while maintaining a healthy weight with a focus on nutrition, foods to boost your immune system, and self-care, not self-control.


Portion Control

Size does matter! Research has shown that most people eat what is on the plate. A fantastic way to control overeating is to prepare a plate with smaller portions, or better yet, use a smaller plate. Other options to help with portion control include measuring or using everyday objects as reminders of appropriate serving sizes. 


Melt Your Fat Away Naturally With Black Seed Oil


Nigella sativa seed, commonly known as black seed, has been coined to melt away fat because it assists with boosting your metabolism and curbing your appetite. This combination makes black seed oil a must in our book when it comes to quarantine weight loss. Research has shown that the use of black seed oil can possibly tackle obesity by increasing your body's metabolisms and lowering the body mass index (BMI) by regulating glucose levels in the blood. A high blood sugar is what leads to an increase in cravings, which leads to overeating. The oil also contains an antioxidant named thymoquinone, which is known to reduce inflammation, a significant factor behind gaining weight. You'll find black seed for weight loss available in a pill or tea form. However, some proponents believe its most effective form is an un-refined cold-pressed oil extract. A typical dose of the extract is 2 to 4 tsp. daily.

 organic black seed oil

Detox The Body To Help Lose That Quarantine Weight

Following a healthy diet to lose weight is imperative; however, to make the weight loss journey more effective, it is also important to consume detox drinks, and Nourishing Nutrients Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil is here to help. Crafted to be the purest, most potent oil available with 98% of your daily thymoquinone. This black seed oil is perfect for aiding in detoxification and aiding the body free of toxins. It also has the unique ability to cleanse the digestive system as it has amazing antioxidant power, now how great is that? 


How To Consume Black Cumin Seed Oil

To detoxify your body, simply take one teaspoon of black seed oil mixed with honey, both in the morning and at night. 


Ways To Stay Active

This is one thing a lot of people are having difficulty with. As when we are at home, we become complacent, and the motivation you may get from going to the gym every day, is just not there if you must do it at home. 


  1. Schedule Active Time: With a lot of us working from home, we are planted in front of our desks, working, or maybe even teaching the kids—schedule time each hour to step away from your electronics.
  2. Shorter Fitness Times Are OK: Some seem to think that if they can't take an hour to work out, they don't do it. Do not think this way, taking something like 15 mins. to walk around the neighborhood is good. Again, this is better than the alternative of doing NOTHING! 
  3. Bring The Kids: Again, with the time issue, which seems to be a frequent problem here. Workouts can be a family thing. Get everyone involved to keep each other motivated and accountable.
  4. Stream Workout Videos: There are tons of streaming workouts available. If you have Amazon Prime, you can stream tons of workout videos for free!
  5. Workout From The Couch: As you can see, we are cutting through the excuses. As yes, you even workout while watching your favorite TV show! Make use of those commercial breaks by doing some exercises. Implement something like jumping jacks, jogging in place, or trying to hold a plank for the entire commercial break. Also, do some exercises right from the couch; while sitting, lying, or and standing in front of it. For example:
        • Bicycle Crunches
        • Leg Lifts
        • Crunches
        • Arm Workouts

 reduce stress nourishing nutrients

Reduce Stress To Lose Weight

Last but not least, stress. Whether it is the result of elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, unhealthy stress-induced eating, and drinking, or a combination of the three, the link between stress and quarantine weight gain is evident. 


Stress is and will be a part of our everyday lives, but that does not mean we need to allow it to get the best of us or the scale! 


Instead, incorporate stress relief strategies in your daily life, that will allow you to retrain your mind to push forward, take charge, hence reducing those darn cortisol levels, helping to manage weight.








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