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Black seed oil Black seed oil organic cold pressed  Cold pressed black seed oil

Organic Black Seed Oil

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Black seed oil Black seed oil organic cold pressed  Cold pressed black seed oil

Organic Black Seed Oil

ORGANIC VIRGIN 1ST COLD PRESSED: Our Premium Organic Black Cumin Seed oil is 100% PURE ORGANIC VIRGIN, cold-pressed (first pressing), unrefined, unfiltered oil. Made in a FDA certified facility and is USDA certified. The oil is also: Gluten free| Vegan friendly| Kosher| Alcohol & Solvent free| NON-GMO. Other non-organic oils may contain harmful chemicals to kill pest and be heat treated, reducing the potency.

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Organic Mushroom Powder Extract Supplement 100% Pure- USDA- Superfood10-Reishi-Chaga-Maitake-Cordyceps-Shiitake-Lions Mane-TurkeyTail-Oyster-Phellinus linteus-Astragalus-Add to Coffee/Tea/Drinks (60g)

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 I am a big fan of this product! It arrived on time and REALLY seems to make a difference in my life. The price seems fair and the quality is unrivaled.


I use this oil as a cleansing oil for my face. I have oily skin and with occasional break outs. Once a week I do a deep cleaning. It is just great! It definitely has healing, soothing and anti inflammatory properties on acne. I love it so far.


Love love this oil.i got it because Black seed oil tastes horrible but this is much milder taste.they say cos it's first pressed. And it has a lid inside the lid to stop leaking. I feel so much better since taking it.and use it on my face every night