Black Cumin For Diabetes


How black seed can naturally lower blood sugar levels by nourishing nutrients


In this new age we are all looking more and more to natural approaches to illness and diseases. The days of taking a doctor's word, without researching yourself is definitely behind us and it is no different for people suffering with diabetes. Can a simple oil really help?

With 29 million people in the United states of America alone suffer with Diabetes and struggle with blood sugar levels daily. But what if there was a natural, non-toxic way to help stabilize their blood sugar levels?

There might well be and it’s not a new drug or an untested plant. It’s a 3,000yr old remedy that even the likes of Tutankhamun used in ancient times. It was reverted even then, as the “Treatment for all illness but death”. Nigella Sativa or most commonly known as Black Cumin or Black Seed oil has gotten its place among top ranked evidence based herbal medicines (1) for its profound natural health benefits. With hundreds of articles and studies done about this miracle seed, its positive effects on blood glucose levels stands out.

BWhat is Black Cumin and how can it help with diabetes by nourishing nutrients

What is Black Cumin?

Black cumin are seeds from the small shrub, Nigella Sativa. Natively from Western Asia (India & Sri Lanka), Eastern Europe, The Middle East and the Mediterranean. These small black seeds can be taking simply in seed form or oil can be extracted to produce a more potent product with high thymoquinone content. Thymoquinone being a major bioactive component of this oil has been shown to have a wide range of medical applications, including stabilizing blood sugar levels. (2)

Black seed oil scientific studies by nourishing nutrients

Scientific studies on Black Cumin

In recent years the articles and scientific studies are starting to pile up. Below are several studies that pertain to blood sugar level and their findings-

One study published on showed that over 3 months, Black seed oil at a dose of 2 gm/day caused significant reductions in fasting blood glucose, reduced by an average of 45, 62 and 56 mg/dl at 4, 8 and 12 weeks. (3)

Another study was conducted to test intestinal absorption of glucose when Black seed oil was taken. An oral glucose tolerance test was carried out in rats after the initial dose and after a 6-week treatment of Nigella sativa (black cumin seed) (2 g day), and compared to metformin (300 mg day). Nigella sativa treatment improved glucose tolerance as efficiently as metformin which is a medication that helps control high blood sugar. Nigella sativa and metformin also reduced body weight without any toxic effect. (4)

In 2017 British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research wrote “We may conclude that Nigella Sativa (Black seed) not only treat the diabetes as a single disease but as a terrific syndrome. Beside of it, Nigella sativa (Black cumin) is among the safest drugs”. (5)

How to take Black Cumin for Diabetes

It was shown that yes, a mere 1/2tsp (2gr) of this Black Cumin Seed can really lower blood sugar naturally. It effectively improved glucose tolerance in diabetics. The fastest absorption method is to take Black cumin is in its oil form, where the active component thymoquinone levels are more concentrated and bio-available. Some people do not like the taste of Black Seed Oil, so it is recommended to take with ½ tsp of sugar free peanut butter or nut butter of your choosing.

Possible Side Effects

Black seed oil is a nutritionally potent Superfood that should be taken in moderation. Just as you wouldn’t take 10 multi vitamins a day, nor should you over take Black cumin oil.

Though many studies have concluded the positive effects of Black seed oil (Nigella Sativa), some people can experience upset stomachs, reflux and nausea. In these cases, it is recommended to reduce your dose and have with food. As it’s a natural supplement, anyone with a medical condition or who is pregnant/nursing should check with a doctor before using this or any substance.


  • Black Cumin Seeds has been shown in studies to help stabilize blood sugar levels when taking 2 grams per day
  • Black Seed Oil is quicker to absorb than seeds
  • It improves glucose tolerance as efficiently as metformin (4)
  • Taking black seed oil over time can also help reduce body weight
  • Lowering blood sugar without medication is possible, however it is always recommended to speak to a doctor first
  • Always use pure organic Black Seed Oil




Author: Amanda Patel

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