Dog Stain glass product

PLEASE ensure to read each image, as this is the history of our design. 

This was the final design below- complete product

Dog stain glass dec 2022

Final design drawing:

final design

Below was the initial conversation with the designer on 14th Dec 2022

original design

20th December 2022

design 2

Design sample 3rd January 2023

design sample

When we first sent the design to the manufacturer AFTER signing an NDA (NDA at bottom of page)


close up1

part 2- Date: 19th Dec 2022

2 manufactuer

part 3- 20th Dec 2022

3rd manufactuer

part 4 - Date 20th Dec 2022


Part 5- 22nd Dec 2022

5th manufacturer

NDA - This is the NDA we entered into with them-