Wild Caught Fish Eggs Capsules
Wild Caught Fish Eggs Capsules
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Wild Caught Fish Eggs Capsules


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  • Incorporating fish eggs into your diet may support mental clarity, focus, and energy levels* due to their richness in Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA, vital for brain function*.
  • Additionally, fish eggs contain Vitamin B12, which supports mood, metabolism, and heart health*.
  • To obtain optimal heart and virility health support, incorporate fish eggs into your diet as they are rich in nutrients that may support heart, eye, bone, and teeth health while supporting to inflammation*.
  • It is found to promote virility in women, alleviating postpartum blues*.
  • It may also aid fetal brain development, offering additional benefits such as vitamins A, K2, and D, calcium, ETA, protein, and choline
  • Our Wild Caught Fish Eggs Supplement is sourced from a well-maintained fishery in New Zealand, harvested in small batches during specific seasons to maintain sustainable fishing practices.
  • It is manufactured in the USA under strict quality controls in a GMP certified facility, ensuring a potent, clean, and pure supplement aimed at restoring and revitalizing individuals to their best selves.